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Gelmostop program cleans intestines, liver, blood, lymph, destroying up to 100 species of parasites in all stages of their development, helping liver and immune system.
It contains completely natural substances, it is highly effective and harmless to the organism.
In addition to cleansing the body, the program normalizes the function of organs attacked by parasites.
The program helps to establish normal intestinal flora, normalize the acidity of body fluids, so that the organism becomes unfavorable environment for the development of the parasite.

Contains 7 items: "Heracle" (3 pcs.), "Atlant plus", "Indol Plus", "Hepatocholan" (2 pcs.), "Vitaspektar XL", "Unkaria" (2 pcs.), "Richfiber".


Phase 1: 10 days
Accelerating the outflow of bile, cleansing the intestines, stimulating the immunity.
  • In the morning:
  • 1 measuring scoop of "Richfiber";
  • During the day:
  • 1 capsule of "Hepatoholan", 2 capsules of "Vitaspektr-XL";
  • In the evening:
  • 1 bag of herbal tea "Atlant plus".

    Phase 2: 30 days
    The process of removing the parasites, accelerated exretion of bile, enhanced detoxification of liver and removing products of parasite decomposition.
  • In the morning:
  • 2 capsules of "Heracle";
  • During the day:
  • 2 capsules of "Hepatoholan", 1capsule of "Indol Plus" for the first 20 days, and 2 capsules of "Indol Plus" next 10 days;
  • In the evening:
  • 2 capsules of "Heracle", 2 capsules of "Unkaria"; 1 bag of herbal tea "Atlant plus" every other day.

    Phase 3: 10 days
    The rapid ejection of parasites, accelerated bile flow, cleansing of the intestines, immune system stimulation, reduction of allergy symptoms.
  • In the morning:
  • 1 measuring scoop of "Richfiber", 2 capsules of "Vitaspektr-XL";
  • During the day:
  • 2 capsules of "Unkaria", 1 capsule of "Hepatoholan";
  • In the evening:
  • 1 measuring scoop of "Richfiber", 1 bag of herbal tea "Atlant plus".

    Only by following these three phases during 50 days, the efficient cleansing of the body and the removal of parasites are guaranteed.
    This program is developed by Russian scientists. It provides an opportunity of parasites prevention and cleanse, in home conditions, without doctor's supervision.

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